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Monday, July 09, 2007

blogger slacker

So, I've been accused, by more than one person, I might add, of being a blogger slacker. Who knew I had such adoring and demanding fans! It's nice to be so loved!! and humble, too!! Anyway, to catch you up on what we've been doing, we have just been enjoying summer and trying to beat the heat. Campbell loves the water, even to the point of loving to jump in off the side of the pool. But I have to watch him constantly because he is not afraid to jump without me.
We had a great 4th of July. We went swimming that morning with David's mom and dad at Richland, and then our neighbors had a cookout where we all played and played and ate way too much.
Then we went to the thriving metropolis of Gainesville, GA to visit Andy and Bethany, or as Campbell calls them, Nee Nee and DBEE DBEE. Not really sure what he was calling Bethany, but i do know that we all had a great time at the Nix residence. We swam, visited, and thanks to Andy's parents, we even got to go see a movie. Evan Almighty--I HIGHLY recommend it--clean and funny! I wish I had some pictures to post from our visit, but I didn't take any. Bethany got some great ones of Campbell swimming, so I'll get some from her and post them soon. But thanks to Bethany for being a wonderful hostess and letting us invade her home with enough stuff to stay a month! And thanks for their dog Callie for providing hours of entertainment for Campbell. Anyway, that's about all we've been up to. Thanks for checking in.