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Thursday, August 30, 2007

fun pictures

Here are some fun and random pictures for you. I realized that I hadn't really posted any pictures lately. This one is the infamous black eye from vacation. It really doesn't do it justice--it was pretty bad. I think my mom got some better pictures, though. This also happens to be Campbell's first time playing mini golf. He did GREAT. We let him hit the ball a few times, and then he'd put it right up next to the hole, tap it in, and clap for himself. So fun! This is daddy and Campbell in their new favorite activity. Daddy got this bike and trailer for his birthday, and the two of them just love riding it. Campbell always says, "MORE!" as soon as they pull in the driveway.
And this is how we found him the other day. He had found his floatie swimsuit and somehow gotten it on up to his knees. Do you think he likes to go swimming? What a cutie.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Hope you are enjoying this break in the heat like we are. We actually got to play outside yesterday.

We also want to say welcome to Baby Sam Hazlewood who was born this morning. Congratulations, Kate and Ben. You guys are going to be great parents.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad Reality Show

As most of you know, nothing in the Sciortino household is done easily. And right now I feel like we are smack in the middle of a bad reality show where the audience knows that everything is just a joke, but the people in the show don't. YIKES! You see, earlier in the summer we had a new air conditioning unit put in because it would get up to 80 and above upstairs. So, to make a long story short, it continued to reach 79 or 80 degrees upstairs even after we spent all the money, so the air conditioner people have been back over and over and over again. Put it this way, Campbell knows the name of the repairman, and David knows his cell phone number by heart.

Well, we thought everything was working finally after Saturday when they replaced all our duct work. Then David came home from work yesterday and found water spots all over the ceiling in the guest room. That's right, folks, now the unit was leaking. You've got to be kidding me!! So, he calls them again to express his feelings on the subject. We had been VERY patient, but enough was enough.

And so, they were here all day today ripping out the unit and putting in another new one. The worst part is that we've had no AC upstairs since yesterday afternoon, so poor Campbell had to spend the night with our neighbors last night. Then we hung out at Jamie's all day today. Now, they had promised to be done by tonight, but I had this sneaky suspicion that things wouldn't work out exactly as planned. So, I went ahead and took Campbell up to David's parents' to spend the night tonight. Well, good thing I did because I get home a little before 8:00 tonight to hear that they are not in fact finishing tonight because they ran out of gas for their blow torches. Seriously, do we have a curse or something?!?

All this to say, my sweet Campbell has been an absolute champ, sleeping in 4 different beds in 4 different houses in 2 days, and actually sleeping!! I wish I could give him some kind of reward for being so good, but I don't know if he'd understand it. And so, we shall remain in this terrible reality show. Anyone have any good ideas for a name for the show? After all, if this is going to happen to us anyway, maybe we could make a little money off it! :) I hope everyone else is having a better week than mine.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Big News

Well, just as my mom used to tell me, I've always got to be different. We are having a boy! Pretty much everyone I know who's pregnant is having a girl, so from the beginning of the ultrasound, I was convinced the odds were that I was having a boy. And then, we saw the proof. The sweet little guy did cooperate for us to see his, well..., you know, but he wouldn't cooperate on his heart pictures. So, I have to go back for another ultrasound in 3 weeks. But it's kind of nice because I only had 2 with Campbell. It will be nice to get to see him again. Everything else looked normal and healthy, so praise God for that. We feel so blessed to be adding another precious boy to our family. He doesn't have a name yet, but we're working on it. Thank for your prayers, I'm sure that's why he looks so healthy. Keep them coming--we've got 20 more weeks to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

young love

Well, it's official, my son is going to hate me when he gets older for making him pose for certain pictures--these are perfect examples. But, after all the diapers and tears I have to endure, this is little retribution. I'm pretty sure he'll live. Anyway, these are some adorable pictures of Campbell and his friend Taylor. Big thanks to Taylor's grandparents for being on the ball and having their camera in the car to capture this kodak moment. And yes, we are at Krispy Kreme, but it wasn't my idea. I won't say I didn't have a donut, though!

I'm including this last one for those of you who might want to see what the belly is looking like these days. This is as close up as you're going to get. I'm getting pretty big, but still not as big as last time. As my husband said, "yeah, by this time with Campbell, you'd already blown up!" I think it was supposed to be a compliment, but he's got to work on his delivery. And excuse his outfit--he didn't know we'd be on camera!

By the way, stay tuned this week for the big ultrasound on Thursday. I'm feeling a lot of girl-pressure, but I've got no feelings either way. I'll be sure to post Thursday afternoon with the big news.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, David!!

Today, Campbell and I would like to say, "Happy Birthday!" to David. He is a great daddy and husband, and we love him very, very much. He is 28 years old today, which makes him closer to 30 than me, at least for now.

Here are some pictures of David and Campbell. David is passing on his obsession for a nice yard on to his son. This is the two of them standing out in the rain picking weeds out of the front yard. It's just sprinkling, so you can't see the rain, but trust me, they were out there in the rain.

We love you, David, and hope you have a great day.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

confession time

OK, so it's official--I'm the biggest blogger slacker. I'm so sorry. I know it's been just downright painful for all of you to be without my blog updates for so long, but here we go with the excuses/confessions whatever you want to call them. First of all, Campbell has been sleeping approximately 1 hour per day for about a month. That's right ladies, from 7 AM to 8 PM, my child sleeps only an hour, so, that doesn't leave much time for other things besides the essentials: clean dishes, clean clothes, and a quick rest. Then we went to the beach for a few days with my parents. So much fun, more on that later. And last but not least, my life has been totally consumed by another man for the past week. His name is Harry Potter, and I just couldn't put him down!! I started reading on vacation, but didn't have much time to read with a 20 month old to keep up with. So, since we've been home, every spare minute has been devoted to Harry. I actually stayed up until 1:30 this morning finishing the book. Sad, I know, but what a great book. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read yet, but I was thoroughly enthralled by all 759 pages. And so, those are the things that have kept me from my adoring fans. I know, it's pitiful, but true.

For those that have asked, thank you, I am finally starting to feel better and not get sick anymore. I am moving into that good stage of pregnancy, which unfortunately only lasts like a minute, but I plan to enjoy it and get some things done. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, we'll believe when we see it. Or is that just what my husband is saying to himself as he reads?!? Also, we find out boy or girl in 2 weeks. Very exciting. I don't have a feeling either way, I'm just hoping for a good health report.

As for vacation, we had WONDERFUL time in Panama City Beach with my parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and sweet nephew. Campbell had fun despite coming home with the following ailments: a black eye, a busted lip, a gash on his had, a strawberry on his elbow, and 2 skinned knees. My brother told me we were going to get turned in for child abuse! What can I say, he doesn't listen when you tell him to walk not run. But I'll tell more about vacation when I get the pictures from Mom and Jamie's cameras to post. You've got to see little Rocky's eye. It's classic.

And last but not least, I'd like to wish my sweet little nephew Russ a VERY HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY today. He's a sweetie, and I hope he has a wonderful, wonderful day. Here's an old but cute picture of my little buddy reading with Campbell at his Aunt Peeky's house. (yes, that's what he's been calling me lately, who knows why. But it's better than the Pete he was calling me a few weeks ago!) We love you, Russ.