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Monday, June 15, 2009

A Sad Day... more ways than one.  Today Campbell's favorite UK player, Jodie Meeks, decided to enter the draft instead of coming back to Kentucky.  When David told Campbell about it tonight, he seriously started crying.  I am not making this up, people.  The boy was crying!  Of course, this made David swell up with pride remembering the days of crying over the Wildcats himself (not so long ago!)  Then I heard them upstairs talking it over.  David was explaining to Campbell that you can stay in college and play ball for four years, but sometimes if you are really good, you leave early.  To this Campbell replied, "I'm going to stay in college for 10 years!"  After David started breathing again, he told Campbell he better not!  :)  So, now sweet Campbell will have to find a new favorite UK player, but Daddy can rest easy knowing that the brainwashing is truly complete!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Water Baby

Campbell completed his first round of swimming lessons this afternoon.  I'm so proud of him for the progress he has made.  He goes under, jumps in, and his teacher said that if he weren't so nervous that he could swim by himself.  He really loved his teacher, Miss Jessica.  She gently pushed him to do more and more each day.  We are really proud of our little Water Baby!  Here are some pictures from the last lesson.

Hanging out before class.  
Where did he go?  That's right, he went under!!

Little Brother supervising the class.
Some new friends he made, Nathan and Jack.
What a jump!
Swimming with Miss Jessica
Swimming while going under!  I am so proud!!
Thanks, Miss Jessica!  She gave him a purple sucker--a straight line to his heart!