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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Andrew goes to school

If you've spent much time around me the last few weeks and I've seemed a bit more emotional than usual (how can you tell, my husband would say), the reason is that my little baby Andrew started preschool last week. Campbell started at this same age, but for some reason I was way more emotional about Andrew starting. I guess because Andrew has been my little sidekick for the past year and a half, and I am just so used to having him with me. But I knew he was ready to go. All summer long I had to pull him out of Campbell's classroom while he's said, "No, I tay (stay) Tampbell!" (he can't say his C's). And he has adjusted well to preschool and seems to really like it. I, on the other hand, am still trying to adjust to having a few hours to myself. Don't get me wrong, a trip to Walmart (or any store for that matter) without kids is fantastic, but I do miss having him around all the time. I really cherish those days we spent together while Campbell was in school, but I know he's having fun and enjoying some time away from Mommy.

Here are some pictures from the pre-preschool photo shoot.

All ready for school!
Being goofy, or normal if you live here

I love how Andrew is looking up at Campbell here
Sweet Campbell is starting his 3rd year at preschool and has moved up to 3 days a week. It's been an adjustment, but he LOVES school and would go every single day if I let him.
The big man on his very first day. I can't believe he's this big.
So then I started wondering about Campbell's very first day, and look at this--he looks like a BABY! Is it just me or does Andrew look so much more grown up than Campbell did at that age? Time just flies!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Big 3-0

David turned 30 on August 14, and we had a little surprise party for him at his mom and dad's house. He absolutely LOVES my parents' fried catfish, so they were sweet enough to drag all the stuff up here to fry fish for everyone. He says we got him, but of course, in the next breath he'll say that he knew something was up. Either way we had a great time celebrating his birthday. I know I'm just glad he hit that milestone before I did so I can tease him for the next few months when I will join the ranks of the 30's. A big thanks to David's parents for hosting us at their house and to my parents and my brother for cooking the yummy fish. It was a great party.

This is the present the boys and I made for him--I was so nervous, but I love the way it turned out. It's a picture of David and the boys walking away and he's holding both their hands. They had lots of fun making Daddy's present.
preparing the fish (that's my dad and brother)
waiting on David to get there--kids everywhere!
our chef for the evening
the girls look scared!
arriving at the party
the "you got me" look
family shot--who knows where the kids were
checking out the food
getting lots of help blowing out the candles
Andrew ate his fair share of Daddy's cake!