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Thursday, December 27, 2007

long time coming

So sorry this post has taken so long to happen.  We have been really busy over the last few weeks.  First we started with Campbell's 2nd birthday and party on December 8.  He was so excited all day long.  He kept singing "Happy Birthday" to himself, and as soon as he saw the cake, he could think of nothing else.  We can't believe our little man is already 2--it seems like just yesterday he was born.  We've especially been thinking a lot about it lately because we're about to have another one.  Wow, it goes faster than you can imagine.  All you new moms and dads out there, cherish every moment!  I'm trying to post pictures, but this new computer (it's a Mac) is giving me fits.  So, I guess pictures will have to wait.  Sorry.

Then we got started with our 4 day Christmas Extravaganza!  We started out in Lewisburg with my family, then Nashville, Kentucky, back to Lewisburg, then back to Kentucky.  Believe it or not, we actually have a great time and survived it pretty well.     But Campbell had a BLAST this year.  Santa brought him a workbench and some new golf clubs, but his favorite thing may be the cutable fruit and the microwave that aunt Jamie got him.  It's always the simple things they like the best.  But he's really enjoyed playing with everything the last few days.  I would post some pictures, but the computer--AHH!

And, as for an Andrew update--we went to the doctor again today for our 38 week appointment and we have made just a little progress.  But my doctor--the saint that she is--says we are going to induce on January 3rd if we haven't had him by then.  So, little Baby Andrew will be here in just 1 week if not before!  We are really excited and can't wait to meet him.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

already the class clown

So last night when we went to pick up Campbell from his class at church, his teachers had a funny story to share with us.  They had asked Campbell what his new baby brother's name was going to be--which he clearly knows because we talk about Andrew all the time.  You can even ask him who is in mommy's belly and he'll say, "Baby Andrew!"  But for some reason this time he decided to tell them that the baby's name was Michael.  What?!?  Who even knows where he got that.  He doesn't have any friends named Michael, and we really aren't around anyone named Michael.  But apparently he heard that name somewhere and it stuck with him.  Of course, his teachers knew this wasn't the correct name, so they laughed.  Well, as soon as he knew that the name Michael got a laugh, he went around saying, "Michael, where are you?"  "Michael, Michael!"  His teachers were seriously cracking up at him, and he seemed quite proud of himself for making everyone laugh.  Then on the way to the car David asked him where Michael was and he looked up at David and said, "In a tree."  My son the entertainer!