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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50 things about me

April tagged me, so here goes nothing...

1. I am 11 weeks pregnant and already starting to look it! yikes.
2. I love being a mom, but I hate being pregnant.
3. My son Campbell is the cutest kid I know!
4. My husband and I are great friends and I love to be silly with him.
5. We love to watch Family Feud reruns on the Game show network until late at night and make fun of all the dumb answers.
6. In case I ever get on the Feud, I've already got my team picked out: David, me, Jamie, David's dad, and my dad. We would totally clean up!
7. I've been watching the Food Network since college and still can't get enough of it.
8. I love to travel, but it's been a long time since I've been able to go somewhere far away.
9. I'm pretty social, but I have to have my alone time sometimes.
10. I LOVE Harry Potter: had a 6 foot cardboard cutout in my classroom, can't wait for the last book and the next movie to come out in July.
11. This is harder than I thought it would be.
12. I love to sing to Campbell but am just waiting for the day he figures out I can't carry a tune.
13. I fancy myself a pretty good cook, and I love to do it.
14. I am totally addicted to blogging and would feel a void if I couldn't do it for a while. Sad, huh? 15. I am very blessed to have lots of friends from church and my neighborhood and of course, my sister, who stay at home, too. I couldn't do this without them.
16. My dog has gotten attacked my a momma cat twice now.
17. I trapped 2 of her kittens an took them to animal control this morning. Wish me luck on the momma and the other kitten.
18. Don't worry, they were not harmed.
19. I love Dr. Pepper, but caffeine throws me for a loop.
20. When I have caffeine, David can talk to me on the phone and know I've had it. And he's never been wrong--about that, I mean! :)
21. I caught the last kitten last night, and I think the momma cat is mad at me.
22. I don't face conflict very well, but I'm getting better, maybe, I hope.
23. I truly pray only that I will have a healthy baby, but I really don't know if I'd know what to do with a girl.
24. I hate the color pink--I never wear it, ever.
25. I sincerely hope my son has his father's athletic ability and not mine.
26. I love to eat chocolate, and sometimes if there isn't any in the house, I will eat a handfull of chocolate chips.
27. My favorite meal at a restaurant is probably Cracker Barrel's chicken and rice special that they only have on Saturdays.
28. I'm thinking of writing Cracker Barrel and petitioning to have it permanently added to the menu. Anyone with me?
29. I used to love winter, but now that I have a kid, I'm all about spring and fall.
30. I love the beach and could sit out there and read a book under an umbrella all day.
31. I bought material to make curtains for my bedroom months ago. It was to be my first sewing (not embroidering) project. But I've been too scared to start on them.
32. I hate that I have already lost tough with many wonderful friends throughout the years.
33. I hate having my picture taken.
34. I love movies, especially romantic comedies.
35. I quiz my mom and sister on quotes from movies. They humor me sometimes, but I don't think they really like it.
36. My favorite shirt is one my mom got in San Fransico more than 20 years ago that says Alcatraz Swim Team. It's completely threadbare, but I continue to wear it, much to the chagrin of my family and friends. How many of you remember it?
37. My favorite movie is the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice--6 hours of Victorian England fun. Who couldn't love it!
38. I used to hate pizza, but I started liking it again when I was pregnant with Campbell, and I still love it.
39. Lately I've been on a trail mix kick. Target has an excellent selection if you are in the mood.
40. I love Publix. They are friendly and nice and clean and just plain wonderful. And they have the race car carts that Campbell loves and would sit in all day. It's my happy place.
41. I loved teaching but I don't miss dealing with parents and grading papers.
42. I love freaking out my old kids in the grocery store when they wonder where they've seen me before.
43. I like red nail polish, but only on my toes. I prefer nothing on my fingers.
44. I love pedicures and would get one every week if I could.
45. My dream is to write children/young adult books. I even have some ideas mapped out.
46. I'm afraid I'm too scared to try to go for my dream.
47. I am a graduate school drop out. I got pregnant with Campbell 2 weeks in and figured that was enough on my plate. I doubt I'll ever go back.
48. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are riding horses with my family and friends. I miss that part of my life.
49. I was on the Fine Living Network on a show called American Shopper (not Chopper), but I didn't tell very many people because I was nervous.
50. I really want to go back to Europe and spend some time revisiting some of the places I went back in college, especially Vienna.

Yay! I'm done. That was fun but took a while. OK, so now I guess I tag some people, let's see, how about...Lindsay, Kate, Elizabeth Byerly, and Bethany. Please do it, ladies, it's pretty fun. And thanks to Courtney for starting us.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Big News

Campbell wore a special shirt today to make a special announcement...he's going to be a BIG BROTHER! Yep, that's right, we're having another baby. This one is due in January which makes me about 10 weeks along. Please keep us in your prayers to have a wonderful and healthy baby just like Big Brother here!

Please excuse the picture, it was the best I could get being here alone.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Little Gym

Campbell and I have been going to mommy and me classes at The Little Gym. He gets to run around and climb on mats, play with big bouncy balls, pop bubbles, and hang out with other kids. It is also great for buildinng confidence, learning to share, and even helping them learn what to do when they fall off the couch. He loved every minute of our classes, which started back in January (wonderful way to get through the winter!), but as of last Wednesday, he's finished. He graduated from his first gymnastics class. David came out to see the final class and watch him get his ribbon. We were so proud of him. Here are some pictures from that last class.

Look how proud he was of himself after he got his ribbon. What a cutie!

Friday, June 01, 2007


No, I didn't get in a fight and beat up some woman in Walmart over the last bag of baked cheetos, though, I'd do it if I had to. This fight is about Bogie. As most of you know, Bogie is our tiny little 6 pound Maltese whom we love as one of the family. Well, it all started this afternoon. Campbell and I were headed home from the longest trip to Walmart in the history of the world. Campbell fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot! So, when we got home, I transfered Campbell to his bed, and Bogie and I headed outside to unload the groceries. After bringing in a load, I walked back out to the garage and heard Bogie yelping and screaming and saw him tear across the yard. I ran over to him, but he wouldn't let me pick him up. And when I looked down at my hand, it had blood on it. I freaked out, but Bogie was too scared to let me pick him up. So I went around the house to where he ran from, and there it was--a cat staring menacingly out at me from underneath the bushes around our air conditioning unit. Immediately, I knew what had happened.

You see, Bogie is a little...aggressive, we'll call it. He chases after any and every animal that comes close--German Shephard and Yorkie alike! So, I'm sure that he provoked the cat. So, anyway, I get Bogie in the house and the rest of the groceries in. After quickly putting away the perishables, I head to the phone book to call the vet. I tell them what happened, and they said I needed to bring him in right away. Well great, I thought. What do I do with my sleeping 18 month old. I mean, when you only get one nap a day, that nap is not disturbed by anything short of the house being on fire! So I see out the front window that my neighbor's car is there. She has 3 daughters, 2 of whom are 8 and 10. So I call her and she sends them over to stay at my house while I take my injured dog to the vet. Of course, Bogie is hiding under our king size bed at this point, and I barely get him out from under there.

We get to the vet, and he pulls out the clippers and shaves the places Bogie is bleeding. You can see exactly where the cat's teeth went in. And poor Bogie, he looks just plain stupid because most of the bites are right on the top of his head. So, not only does he have to suffer the embarassment of losing a fight with a cat, he also has to sport this horrible haircut until it finally grows back. Then, to add insult to injury, before leaving the vet, I noticed that Bogie's nails needed trimming. So, the poor thing had to endure that as well. But don't worry, he's fine now. He's running all around the house, not much the worse for the wear. But I did manage to snap a quick picture of him. So, the moral of the story is, watch out for those cats!