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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so much to blog

It feels like I haven't blogged in months, especially when I look at that snowy scene on my blog. And so, I'm finally going to update.  You might want to go grab a snack while you read this--it's going to be a long one.  
First of all, there's Campbell's preschool Easter party and Spring Program.  The Easter party was so cute--they had a little egg hunt and then cupcakes, cookies, etc. for the party.  The little blond girl you see in these pictures is Campbell's preschool girlfriend, Reagan.  I say his
 preschool girlfriend because he has different girlfriends in different settings--such a ladies' man!  Anyway, these 2 are so thick that Campbell has a pet name for her, Reagy.  Well, apparently she likes this name because her mom told David that Reagan told her brother to call her that since, "that's what Campbell calls me!"  Can you believe that?  Too cute. 

 As for the Spring Program, this was the second one they'd had this year (1st was Christmas), and at Christmas, pretty much all the kids just stood there and cried for their  parents.  Well, this time went much better, there was still no singing actually coming from anyone in
 Campbell's class, but most of them held in their tears.  We had very high hopes of Campbell actually singing because he'd been seranading us for weeks with "Fuzzy Caterpillar" and other cute songs, but alas, he did not sing.  He did, however, love being up there, especially w
hen he found Papa and Mommy in the crowd.  It is so fun to see him doing stuff like this.  I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

Then we went to Kentucky to celebrate with David's mom's family.  Campbell LOVES going to the farm and seeing the cows with Uncle Jeff.  He even says that he's going to be a cow farmer when he grows up.  Not sure if he's ever actually been brave enough to pet one yet, but he sure does love to see them.  But this trip was all about the Easter egg hunt.  Campbell was really excited about it, but as soon as he picked up his first egg, he opened it up to discover the candy inside.  Well, that was it.  The rest of the hunt was spent with Campbell opening each and every egg he found while David and I told him to just wait and find more eggs.  Oh well, whatever makes him happy, I guess.
Poor Andrew didn't really get to enjoy the Easter egg hunt--it was too cold for him.  He stayed inside and cuddled with MeMe, which of course, was just fine by MeMe.  This is as close as he got to hunting eggs.
Then we went back home to set out our baskets for the Easter Bunny (or Super Bunny, as Campbell likes to call him!)  But I think this got Campbell a little too excited because by 9:00 that night, we'd already been up there 3 times trying to get him to calm down and go to sleep. Then he was up by 6:30 the next morning.  But he and Andrew loved seeing what Super Bunny had brought them.  Super Bunny was extra generous to Campbell this year, springing for a
kitchen.  I think he was rewarding Campbell for making the transition to being a big brother so well.  Andrew got a Bumbo seat, and he likes it OK, but someone else thinks it is for him.  Have you ever seen a 2 year old in one?  Well, mine is actually still small enough to fit in it pretty easily and any time we put Andrew in it he says, "now it's my turn!"  But here are some great pictures of sweet Andrew's big cheese and Campbell looking for the eggs from Super Bunny.  There are so many pictures I want to post, but blogger just takes so long to do it that I don't have the patience.  Maybe later, but probably not.

Then it was off to church for the extra crowded service and then down to Lewisburg to celebrate with my family.  We had lunch and another egg hunt at my grandmother's house. Campbell is seriously a  professional egg hunter by now.  
And then back to Gigi's house (my mom's) to hang out for a little while.  We actually did take some family pictures at my mom's house but they are on her camera, so look for those later. But don't hold your breath, I'm pretty bad about remembering to add photos later.  Lastly MeMe and Papa came over Easter night to hang out and have a little more Easter fun with the boys.  They enjoyed watching a Tom and Jerry video together.
And so this long post draws to a close.  Though looking back on it, I don't think it's actually my longest.  But it is probably my most boring, so thanks to those of you who made it through.  

Sunday, March 09, 2008

winter slightly redeemed

So, when we awoke Saturday morning to a winter wonderland, I could not help but think that winter was trying to redeem itself with me.  After all, I've always loved snow and winter time.  And I have to admit, I enjoyed myself and have to admit that winter has regained a little bit of that "lovin' feeling."  We went over to my friend Sara's mother's house for sledding, and 
we had a blast.  David went down several times, a few times with one of the neighbor's little girls, who is in this picture.  He also went down with 2 other grown men.  Yes, that's right, 3 grown men on 1 unfortunate sled, which did in fact get destroyed in the process.  As David said, 600 pounds might have exceeded the weight limit.  Sadly, I did not get any pictures of David, David Whitfield, and Trent Latta all three piled on the sled, but I believe someone did, so maybe I'll share later.
This next picture is one of my favorites from the day.  David had just dropped poor little Taylor into the snow, literally face first!  I just knew she'd hate him forever, but she actually thought it was funny and forgave him.  That could possibly be because any time she is over here David gives her ANYthing she asks for.  The Lord knew better than to give us a daughter!
This next picture is as close as Campbell got to sledding.  He was not too keen on the whole sailing down the hill thing, so we put him, begrudgingly, onto the sled with Taylor for a photo op.  David then tried to pull them a little, but Campbell wouldn't have it.  He also had a come apart any time David or I went down the hill.  I guess he thought we were going to be hurt.  His favorite part was when he finally got to go inside and drink hot chocolate with Sara's mom, whom he considers his 3rd grandmother.
And last but not least, a token picture of Mommy with Campbell to prove that I was in fact there.  It seems like I'm always the one behind the camera, but someone's got to do it.  
And special gold stars go to my little trouper, Andrew.  He slept the whole time we were out sledding and made it possible for Mommy, Daddy, and brother to enjoy some sledding fun.  Way to go, sweet baby.  Next time, we promise you can join us.  If you got some snow yesterday, I hope you got to enjoy it too.  And don't tell winter that I had so much fun, I'm afraid it will stick around a little while longer!

Friday, March 07, 2008

is it spring yet?

I am officially sick of winter--sick of sick babies, sick of bulb syringes, saline solutions, and not sleeping well.  Poor Campbell has been feeling kind of rotten lately, too.  And today, we were all supposed to head up to Kentucky for David's cousin's wedding, but because of the snow coming in tonight, the boys and I had to stay home.  I just hope that David can get home safely tonight.  We are really looking forward to the day when we can head outside to play and breathe easier.  Anyone else feeling this way?  I hope you all stay warm if you're in this area tonight.  We're calling it a PJ day around here!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Super Bunny and homemade peanut butter

I wanted to share a couple of quick funny Campbell stories from the last week or so.  First of all, Super Bunny.  So I was telling Campbell about the Easter Bunny the other day--telling him how he visits our house and brings treats and hides eggs for him to find.  He LOVED this idea and we talked about it for a few minutes.  Well, the next day we were headed to preschool and he asked me, during his normal deluge of questions about where every single person he knows is at that moment (seriously, everyone!  if he knows your name, he asks about you!), "where Super Bunny?"  Who is Super Bunny, I asked him.  "He come my house and bring treats and eggs."  Ah, the Easter Bunny, I say.  "Yes, Super Bunny," is his reply.  I love it.

And then Monday David was eating peanuts and Campbell asked if he could have some.  I said sure and we gave him a few.  Seeing this as a "teachable moment" I said to him, "These are what peanut butter is made from.  They smoosh them up and it makes peanut butter."  Oh, says Campbell, then he continues to watch cartoons.  Then I notice that he is squeezing the peanut between his fingers.  Surely not, I think.  Sure enough he looks at me and says, "It's not working, Mommy."  Bless his sweet little heart, he was trying to make peanut butter.  Guess I didn't realize how literal a 2 year old is.

Anyway, these are some funny stories from our life lately.  Thanks for the concern about Andrew.  He seems to be doing great--we even had our best night ever last night.  He only woke up once, at 2:00, and got up a little after 6 this morning.  Keep your fingers crossed that this continues because Mommy's been in a fog lately.  

Monday, March 03, 2008

so big!

You can tell by looking at Andrew that he is a big boy, but that was confirmed last week when we went to the doctor for our 8 week checkup.  He weighed 13 pounds 5 ounces!  That puts him in the 89th percentile.  Wow!  Campbell was usually lucky to be over the 20th percentile.  His height was the 57th percentile, so at least he's kind of tall, too.  So, we know he is growing well, but we did get a little bad news.  The doctor said that he seemed to have RSV symptoms.  I knew that he was congested, but he never wheezed or coughed or anything like that.  So the doctor sent us home with breathing treatments that we do any time he looks like he's having a little trouble breathing.  But he really seems to be fine.  He smiles and plays all the time.  My guess is that the doctor was being cautious since infections like this can easily get pretty serious with babies this young.  He also said that considering how big Andrew was, that he'd probably be just fine.  Thank God for a big baby and that so far, he's none the worse for the wear.  He also said that the germ probably came home with Campbell because in Campbell it would just show up as a little head cold.  Who knew?  But other moms of 2 are telling me that #2 inevitably gets sick all the time.  One told me hers had pink eye at 2 weeks old!  You just can't keep them separated when they're this little.  But I guess Andrew's immune system will be really strong! Other than that, we've just been hanging out and enjoying Andrew's developing personality.  Campbell can't wait for him to get big enough to play with him.  We say often that Andrew can do things "when he gets bigger," and so the other day Campbell asked me, "Andrew bigger yet?"  What a cutie.  Here are some of my favorite pictures lately.  First there's a pretty good picture of Andrew's precious smile, and the last 2 are my sweet boys "playing" together under Andrew's play gym.  Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine like we are--too bad it's not going to last much longer.  Oh well, makes me ready for spring!